Introducing APPE SprayPET® Reveal

Bag-on-valve (BOV) continues to be the most innovative aerosol spray technology. However, one of the few limitations is that the aluminium can normally used with BOV prevents the consumer from being able to see the product inside.

SprayPET® by APPE is a plastic alternative to standard aluminum bag-on-valve cans. This packaging offers unique benefits for manufacturers seeking a branding opportunity that is practical, cost effective and sustainable. The container is lightweight and offers a reduced carbon footprint of almost one-third when compared to aluminum equivalents of bag-on-valve.* Used with standard valves and actuators, the container is recyclable, has great design flexibility and will not dent or rust.

SprayPET Reveal, A Fully Transparent Container and Pouch

In February of 2015, APPE launched SprayPET® Reveal, a combination of APPE’s transparent SprayPET® container with Power Container Corp’s Power Pouch dispensing system. Bag-on-valve pouches, usually opaque silver in colour, are flexible multilayer laminated bags, made from layers of nylon, polyethylene and aluminium. Power Pouch is manufactured from single-layer PET, yet retains all of the benefits of bag-on-valve technology — and it is completely transparent.

When combined with the transparent APPE SprayPET® container, the result is a see-through aerosol solution that provides complete product visibility and on-shelf impact and differentiation. Attractive printing and sleeving options are available so that the full pouch or parts of the pouch inside are visible.

Applications of SprayPET® Reveal

Suitable for use with compressed-gas, non-flammable propellant combinations and bag-on-valve propellant systems, SprayPET® has widespread applications in food, personal care and home care products. It will initially be available in a FEA-approved 220ml brimful container, which can be used with a 125/130 ml bag-on-valve. For the UK market a 335ml can volume will also be available.

Innovating Your Product with Aurena in SprayPET® Reveal

At Aurena, we intend to offer SprayPET® Reveal for  liquid and gel products. These features will give product developers and marketers many new options to differentiate and stand-out. 

If you are interested in adding this innovative new bag-on-valve packaging option to your product, please contact us to discuss your project.

Source: *climatop claims is almost one-third lower to aluminium equivalents when used in a bag-on-valve application.