As we’ve mentioned in past blog posts, bag-on-valve holds the product in a pouch inside the can. While this is already an excellent way to maintain product integrity and apply products, some product developers seek a packaging solution that would allow two products to be separated in the can. This would mean that in just one package, you could use a highly innovative valve technology to dispense two product streams from a multi chamber system.

The answer is dual dispensing aerosol.

How Does Dual Dispensing Aerosol Work?

Dual dispensing aerosol would allow for filling of two different mediums separated from each other into a dual bag-on-valve system. For dispensing, it could be possible to choose between pre-mixing of the products in the dispensing head or as separate products. This means that mixing is effected while spraying or by the user after application. Another option is to activate the two dispenses independently, so that the formulations can be used one after another.  This revolutionary dual-dispense opens up new possible aerosol applications and markets.

Uses for Dual Dispensing Aerosols

The uses for dual dispensing are just beginning to be explored. Here are a few that we anticipate seeing on the horizon:

  • Hair colouring and other cosmetic applications such as anti-aging creams, high-end gels and lotions
  • Food products
  • Technical products such as glues
  • Pharmaceutical products

Dual Dispensing Aerosol Suppliers

There are currently two companies working on the dual dispensing aerosol innovation:

Lindal Group

Lindal began to innovate their dual dispensing aerosol, called the “Bi-Power Valve”, in 2011. In 2013, they earned The Fédération Européenne des Aérosols (FEA)’s Most Innovative Aerosol Product award for GlowSpray®, an instant “liquid-light” in a spray can for use on t-shirts, running socks, and for other outdoor uses, such as camping, hiking, hunting, and holidays. Using the Bi-Power valve, they were able to keeps the two chemical light components separate until the moment you press the actuator.

Lindal’s Bi-Power Valve illustration shows two choices for dispensing: mix products in actuator before dispensing, or dispense each product separately.

Toyo Aerosol Industry

The DUAL by Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol is shown here, highlighting the two bags and valves.

Toyo Aerosol Industry, a Japanese company, is expanding into the European market through a joint venture , named –Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol GmbH–, with Care Connection GmbH that will combine sustainable aerosol solutions with innovation. Together, they introduced their dual dispensing aerosol called The DUAL. It received an award at the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in 2014 for its use in Hygiene, Beauty and Coloration (hair dye). The DUAL offers automatic mixing of the two product components at the push of the actuator. Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol is currently recommending the DUAL for hair colour, dental, cosmetics, adhesives, and skin care and lifestyle products like ’’Glow Sprays.”

Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol offers The DUAL from its production in Neutraubling/Germany and support their customer with its high tech R&D centers in Germany and Japan.